SimWorks Anti-Virus updates

The most recent versions of the SimWorks Anti-Virus scan engine, virus definitions, URL lists, and firewall rules used to protect your phone are available here.

To determine whether you have the most recent versions please compare the versions below with the versions specified in the update menu of the SimWorks Anti-Virus application on your phone.  If the version number on your phone is lower than the version number of the equivalent file below, then simply click on the relavent "download" link to download the latest version of the file to your PC, and then install it to your phone.

Series 60
Version 1.3 Download
Version 1.2.2 Download

You can also download update files directly to your phone by entering the following web address into the WAP browser on your phone:

Please note:  These updates will not function unless you either have a currently registered version of SimWorks Anti-Virus installed on your phone, or you have a valid regisration code for SimWorks Anti-Virus.